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Jake Johnson interview

Jake Johnson interview – Don’t jump down shit until you’re old-er

Andrew Reynolds already apologised for turning kids into alcoholics and drug addicts. Did he also infect a whole generation with arthritis?. Will he apologise?

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 00.21.07J J not jumping down shit. Is he trying to act young?

Other people’s Valentine’s Day


My Valentine’s Day


Skatesession at Copenhagen Skatepark – One muscle fiber rapture…. Luckily the pizza man lined up a date.

17DGS Summer 2015

Polar Premiere – Copenhagen

Congrats on the Video, Pontus and crew.

2016-02-11 21.20.30


2016-02-11 20.07.53Jones – This handsome man

2016-02-11 19.59.49The crowd.

2016-02-11 20.21.13The Nineties are real. Lee and Mikkel.

2016-02-11 20.38.08Two gentlemen who has played an important role in skateboarding. Pontus and Mischa.

2016-02-11 20.50.46Two shirt wearing short hairing beer drinking dudes. Arder and Tobias

2016-02-11 20.53.37Yes the 90’s are real. Oscar, Lee and Sebastian.

2016-02-11 21.12.38

2016-02-11 21.23.13 2016-02-11 22.10.20Kim and Anton

2016-02-11 22.46.43Lund, Kina and Gasque.

2016-02-11 23.13.43Bear, Jetset, Lune, Gasque, Lee, DeLony

2016-02-11 23.18.03Benjamin, Lune, Syb, Gasq, Lee

2016-02-11 23.22.21Bear, Lony, Jetset, Gasq and Alv


Surfgear by Andreas Schmidt & Jens Hüls Funder for Streetmachine


Streetmachine is proud to present its latest collaboration with Danish artist duo, Andreas Schmidt and Jens Hüls Funder, entitled SURFGEAR. Through a mixture of eco-activist rhetorics and the cynical aesthetics of e-commerce, the duo’s aim with SURFGEAR has been to de-romanticize the notion of skateboard culture in relation to that of skateboard-business.

Within all spheres of skateboarding, whether it being graphic design, fashion, or video footage, there is a tendency to glorify the authenticity of the culture. Since the beginning, these spheres have dealt with the roots of a somewhat rebellious movement; a movement for maladapted kids.

The hints toward this belief take many forms, often mixed with other subcultural debris from hip-hop, punk etc. Yet there is also a visual aspect of the grand machinery, one that gives effect to the actual tools that makes skateboarding possible, in fact ever more so today with the global potential of the world wide web, making the aforementioned tools more relevant than ever.